Frequently Asked Questions

Where is NOA located?

Little Platte Park Swim Beach, Smithville Lake, Missouri

From 169 turn on 180th Street follow signs to Little Platte Park. Once in the park take the first right and follow to the swim beach parking lot.  We setup about 200′ past the Shower House, just past the Levee.

Is there a park entry fee?

Yes. Daily vehicle fee is $6.00 (CASH ONLY).  Annual permits are available at the park office.

Who can participate?

If you are able to sit on top of a kayak or stand up on a paddle board, you can participate! Tandem kayaks are available for those who are unable to captain a kayak solo, but have a friend willing to assist!

We have Personal Flotation Devices and Helmets for all ages.

How old do you need to be to rent a kayak?

Kayakers of all ages are welcome to rent a kayak! Signed waivers are required to participate and children under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. Tandem kayaks are available for small children to ride with an adult.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Debit Cards and Credit Cards

Do you deliver?

Yes. Deliveries for full day rentals are available at Sailboat Cove, Branch Camp and Crow’s Creek Camp Grounds.

Deliveries for half day rentals are available only at Sailboat Cove.

Can I flip a kayak?

Yes, you can flip a kayak. However, most incidents of a kayak flipping are intentional, not accidental.  Our kayaks are sit-on-top kayaks designed for stability and agility on the water. 

What should I bring to go kayaking?

Bring plenty water, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, water shoes, a smile and a sense of adventure! There is space on the back of the kayak for a small cooler for snacks and drinks. If you bring a small cooler or backpack, we suggest bring bungee cords to fasten your belongings to the kayak.

We highly suggest that you do not bring anything on the water that you are not willing to get wet or possibly lose. Waterproof bags or containers are recommended for electronic devices such as cell phones. Smithville lake is 60 feet deep in areas, making lost items very difficult to find.

What should I bring to go cycling?

Smithville Lake has a very nice paved trail system. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, snacks, suitable cycling shoes and an attitude for adventure! We provide helmets to all riders.